Do You Love Playing Rummy With Joker Or Without Joker?

When you unpack a deck of cards, you get two printed jokers in it. Most people don’t know whether to incorporate the joker or leave it aside. Several card games utilise the Joker, but how does one use the joker during a Rummy game?

While Playing Rummy online, the joker is included in the deck of cards you are dealt. However, there are tons of questions related to this card.

What’s the purpose of the card? When to use the joker? What’s the wildcard joker? Can Rummy be played without the joker?

In Rummy, there are two sorts of jokers – printed joker and wildcard joker. Both these jokers make the sport super fun. The wildcard joker is interesting. A random card is picked before the game begins and every card holding the same value becomes the joker too. For example, if a 4 of Spades has been picked randomly, all other 4’s in that game will be treated as a Joker Card.

Playing With A Joker

You are almost at the brink of declaring, but you would like one card to make a group or impure sequence? If you’ve got either of those jokers, then this is where it becomes valuable.

You can use it to complete a set/sequence. The joker is a sort of coveted card that everybody wants to possess in their hand, even though the value for it is zero. While computing the score, the completed set or sequence with a joker brings down the score.

Ways To Use The Joker Wisely

With these points at the back of your mind, here are tips to judiciously use the joker:

1) Focussing on Pure Sequence: If you’re excited that you got a joker card, contain your happiness. First, try to focus all your attention into forming a pure sequence. If anyone can form a hand with only pure sequences, they’re a genius at Rummy. However, if you’re forming impure sequences, then gladly use the wildcard.

2) Discarding Cards Strategy: A sensible way to play Rummy is to discard cards closer to thejoker. This immensely helpsin confusing the opponent. They shall believe that you do not possess the joker. Also, if they eye such cards, you recognise that they need the joker too. This increases the complexity and interest of the game.

Besides, avoid meddling any cards with a joker to make a sequence. Keep the joker as a final resort. Also, throw away the high-value cards to the discarded pile. Once you’ve got good cards in hand and feel that there is a probability of winning, club the joker with the required combination and inch closer to declaring.

3) High-Value Cards: These are risky cards that increase your points just in case you lose the game. However, the joker carries no points. Pairing a joker with high-value sequences can bring down your points if a fellow opponent declares. Hence, creatively use these cards or follow the golden rule, i.e., to discard high-value cards.


It depends on your level of Rummy skills, how efficiently you can utilise the joker cards. Novice and learning players should choose to play with a joker. It’s easy, quick, simplified and if you know some great Rummy strategies and are a pro at you can leave the joker out of playing Rummy. You can form strategies that challenge you to enhanceyour game.

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