Finer Methods for the Gaming of the Bets

In fact, it’s up to you to manage your budget as you see fit, the same way you would for your 1N2 sports betting. It can also depend on several factors: the presence of a jackpot on a grid or the difficulty of the grid. It is up to you to adapt your bet according to these different criteria. It is still advisable to moderate your bets because there is often a lot of surprises, hence the name “Loto sport”.

Little tip: try to devote a budget of € 100 to your bet

Why this sum? First, because it is a reasonable sum for the 파워볼게임 site and secondly, because it corresponds to the most common bonus amount on the French market which is € 100 in general.

The usefulness of doubles and triples

First, let’s explain what double and triple are:

Doubles: playing double amounts to ticking 2 boxes on your Loto Foot grid for the same match. Take the PSG – OM match: if you are undecided between the victory of the Parisians or the draw, check the box “1” and the box “N”. It is also quite possible to tick the boxes “N” and “2” or “1” and “2”.

Triples: playing a triple amounts to ticking the 3 possibilities “1”, “N” and “2” for the same match. In case you think all the results are possible, triples is a good option. 

Placing doubles and / or triples on the grid is a good way to increase your chances of winning. However, your stake for each grid will increase depending on the number of doubles and / or triples you wish to play. To get an idea, refer to the betting table below.

Lotofoot betting table

Little tip: you must try the surprises when you bet your doubles and triples because tell yourself that there are and that there will always be surprises. It happens sometimes that no bettor wins at rank 14, that is to say that no one has found all the good results (14 games). This situation is most often due to the large number of often unexpected surprises.

Reducing systems: a good alternative

Reducing systems allow you to reduce your stakes while keeping a real chance of making big wins. To find out more, read our guide to the bet.

In short, there are several types of systems: warranty N-1, N-2 or N-3. By choosing one of these reduced systems, you have the possibility of checking more boxes (therefore more double and triple) by paying your grid with a reduced move. It is a great alternative for low-budget bettors who want to optimize their chances of winning without paying a high price.


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