Greater Deals for the Essential Betting Odds

Here’s how to do it when it comes to the betting. To take advantage of this technique, you must follow these few steps:

Open an account on Betclic and on Winamax

  • Make a deposit of € 100 (on each of the 2 bookmakers) to get the maximum benefit possible
  • Choose a bet with 2 outcomes (Over / Under, the 2 score) on which you will place your bets
  • Make a bet of € 100 on the 2 bookmakers (your 1st bet refunded), and validate your bets almost at the same time (to avoid the variation of odds). 

Finally, you just have to wait for the 먹튀검증 site betting result. On the one hand, you will have lost your € 100 bet which will be refunded to you immediately. And on the other, you will have won your bet and made a profit. There are no withdrawal conditions (on Betclic and Winamax). So you can withdraw your money whenever you want.

A concrete example

Take the example of the match Nice Ajax which took place on Wednesday July 27, 2017 as part of the 3rd preliminary round of the Champions League. We will also opt for the bet (with 2 exits) “The 2 teams score”.

Here are the odds offered by Betclic for this type of bet:

Betclic bankroll increase odds and here are the ratings offered by Winamax:

Winamax bankroll odds

We previously opened an account with the platform and then, we placed our 1st refunded bet of:

  • 100 € on the bet “goal for the 2 teams: NO ” listed at at 1.75 at Betclic
  • € 100 on the bet “will the 2 teams go in hype?” YES “quoted at at 1.70 at Winamax 

First assessment possible: If the 2 teams score, you win your bet on Winamax and you win € 170! Your bet on Betclic will be refunded to you. You then make a profit of € 70.

Second assessment possible: if the 2 teams do not score, you win your bet on Betclic and you win € 175! Your bet on Winamax will be refunded to you. You then make a profit of € 75.

So, in the 2 cases presented above, you are a winner! You can get a minimum of € 70 and a maximum of € 75 without having taken any risk.


This tip is completely legal and poses no risk. Indeed, thanks to the bonus of 1st bet refunded, it is possible to take advantage of this technique to win money easily. Please note, this method is only applicable once because it only concerns the 1st bet. It is therefore necessary to choose wisely the bet with 2 possible outcomes (the one where the odds are close to at 1.70 – at 1.80). Finally, care must also be taken to respect the application of the method presented above. 


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