Staying with Sports Betting in Anywhere

A lay 안전놀이터 검증 bet on Betfair is when the bettor says that a certain outcome will not happen. By placing this type of bet, the player “becomes” a bookmaker because he is offering the option of someone betting in favor of the outcome.

A 10 bet against Valencia at odd 1.99 means that my bet says Valencia will not win the game. So if the match ends in a draw or at Atletico Madrid, I will win 10.

But wait there if we bet 10 how do we lose 9.90?

In a lay bet, instead of having profit and eventual loss as in simple bets, let’s take responsibility.

And responsibility in sports betting is what we risk losing by placing a particular bet. Because we are making a lay / against bet, this means that this is what we will win if we get it right. Thus, liability is the value of the loss when we make the wrong bet.

And how to calculate liability?

Bet Responsibility lay = (odd lay – 1) X amount bet on lay, we are buying an inverse and equivalent bet from someone who bets in favor.

These basic tips will make you make fewer mistakes. And by making less mistake you lose less. Being profitable will depend on your effort.

Betfair, what is it?

Betfair is a betting site where thousands of people bet against each other. Betting against other people means that you can bet on the odd you want.

At Betfair it is possible to bet in favor of a back result, and bet against the result in lay. We emphasized in colors so that you remember which color of the bet button you are going to make.

How to win at Betfair

Follow the five tips below that will help you win sports betting:

Betfair is different: Betfair has a different mechanism for online sports betting, where you bet against someone else who can choose which odds you want or when you want to bet. It is also possible to sell your bet (to someone else) before the end of the event, guaranteed a profit or a small loss.

Find correct information: the information you acquire will open your mind about how the game can play and then what bet to make. It is important that you seek as much information as possible about the match. Make sure you have found a consistent bet with the situation analyzed, and then look for good odds.


Determine the value of your bets: researching and studying to find the value is the most important factor in making you profit. Simply put, if you only bet when you find good situations and good odds, you will probably be profitable over a period of time. If you bet by betting and constantly make mistakes, you will soon be left with nothing. You don’t have to be any math guru, but you must know when an odd is bad and when one is good by making your own fair lines.


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