The Problem of Limping and more for Poker Playing

Limping is part of many different types of strategies. Limping means that you equalize the bet with the big blind. This allows the big blind to see free cards. When you apply a limping strategy it is important that you do this in a balanced way. This ensures that you cannot be defeated by opponents.

Disadvantages of limping

Limping can also work against you, by playing a weaker hand you Kicker can get you in trouble. For example, consider hands like K-5 if your opponent has a hand like KQ; the flop would look like this: K-3-J. You have Top Pair but an extremely low kicker, a player with a lot of experience knows that he should not Bet too much. But not everyone knows this, so your limps strategy gets into trouble.

Why you shouldn’t limp

It can be very tempting to limp, in the early stages of a tournament when the blinds are still low. If you think like that you are a fish and I would go to the drawing board again because this is not going to win any tournaments. This is really just throwing your stack away. The chance that you can make the best with a weak hand is quite small. It is best to wait for a reasonable to very good hand before playing. The chances of winning a pot then grow considerably.

  • When limping against aggressive players, you will often be faced with a difficult choice. If you play conservatively and only play with good hands, less difficult choices will arise. You either have it or you don’t, there is often no middle ground.
  • An overbet is easy to explain. It is placing a certain bet that is larger than the pot you are playing for. It is a big part of the strategy we use when we are deep stacked. It is important that this is done with a balanced range, so that you cannot be exploited.
  • If a relatively poor player makes an overbet on the flop and turn, it is likely that he simply has a value hand. And then they can certainly start overfolding. It is important to know that against pokerfish you often want to take the aggressive line. We will often be raised if they have value. Otherwise we can get them off many hands.

Many players do not know what to do against an idn poker overbet, this makes this move quite strong. In general, it is a play that puts your opponent in a difficult spot.

How to handle an overbet

When we get an overbet, it is good to think in ranges. How big is his range advantage, does it make sense that he over-bets here or can I punish this because I have utility advantage. Many players don’t know when to bet the overbet and not at all when to use it as a bluff. As a result, an overbet is often value. How do we handle this? Simply call the hands we want to play for all chips and fold the rest. When looking at an overbet, it is not recommended to raise about it. We have value when we raise an overbet and we make sure he gives up his bluffs.

So an overbet is a strong strategic move to put players in a difficult spot. Do this balanced otherwise you will lose a lot of chips.

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