What is a bonus in the betting and how to use it?

To put it simply, a bonus is like a threat that the casino side asks the player to bet more money to do sweet honey. Because the bonus cannot be withdrawn from the moment, it is received. You have to meet certain conditions. And that condition is the total bet amount up to that time, which is the minimum bet condition. This will grow in proportion to the bonus you receive. For most bonuses, the minimum wagering requirement is between 10 and 30 times the bonus. If you get a $10 bonus, you’ve got the condition that you can only withdraw $3,000.

Shouldn’t you receive the bonus without a good reason?

There is no problem if you can calculate backward from the amount you are going to play. You can clear the minimum wagering amount required when you get that betting bonus.

However, not all bets are simply added to the minimum wagering quota. The percentage is fixed for each game. In the case of a 10% game, only 10% of the amount spent will accumulate the minimum wagering requirements.

Also, games with high payouts may be designated as exclusion games, where minimum wagering requirements do not accumulate. The bwin can be used unless you put a high amount on a disadvantaged game. If you play a game with a bonus that can be troubled and you are bound to play so much, it would be sounder to increase the money while enjoying the game genuinely without receiving the bonus.

As introduced above, the free bwin app that can only be used with slot machines. It is necessary to check the games that can be used with the bonus in advance. It is not difficult to use the casino bonus after depositing. These bonuses cannot be withdrawn and cashed at the moment they are received.

Please think of it as the in-casino currency that can be used in online casinos. To make a profit and make a cash application for withdrawal, it cannot be made unless the betting condition for the bonus is cleared.

If your wagering requirements are set to 20x, you will not be able to apply for withdrawal until you pay 20x the amount you received. For example, if you receive a $20 bonus, use $400. If you receive a $100 bonus and spend $2000 inside the casino, you will not be able to complete the wagering requirements. Examining the trends of online casino companies, some companies set the wagering conditions at low 20 times and at high 40 times. Be sure to check the wagering conditions before using the bonus. How to utilize the received bonus I think it is best to choose a bonus depending on the purpose of use. People who use the online casino for the first time get a registration bonus and no deposit bonus. Use the bonus for experience and trial purposes rather than profit. If you are using another online casino operator but want to use another online casino operator, use the low withdrawal the bet bonus. If you are an advanced player, use bonuses according to your play style.

Since bonuses are limited to the games that can be used, those who mainly play table games, do not meet the conditions they may find easier or more profitable to play without the bonus.


Bonus conditions for online casino bonuses vary depending on each online casino operator. If you want to enjoy playing with bonuses, it is important to choose a casino company with low bonus conditions. Of course, it looks attractive to companies that offer a lot of bonuses, but you can’t withdraw until you clear the wagering requirements. Therefore, it’s better to pay close attention to the bonus terms than the bonus amounts offered. Online casino bonuses are promotions of online casino operators. Users are free to use and not use it.


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