What is a martingale in sports betting?

The martingale (sports betting) takes up the “rising” system, that is to say that you have to increase your bets each time you have just lost a bet, in order to make your losses profitable. With each bet lost, the stake becomes higher and higher. It is the multiplier which will determine the amount of your bets each time. The formula for this coefficient is as follows: odds / (odds-1) .

For example, if you choose to play odds of at 2.20, your multiplier will be 2.2 / (2.2-1) = 2.2 / 1.2 = 1.83.

Thus, if your first bet of € 10 is losing, you will have to replay € 18.3 on the next bet (€ 10 of initial bet x the multiplier). If you lose your bet again, you will have to place a bet of € 33.49, etc.

In short, the more you lose, the more money you have to wager. We do not hide it, this method of martingale applied to sports betting is very dangerous. But many “punters” with a Facebook page or a Twitter account use it for very often very little positive result. The risks are enormous if you don’t know how to stop.

Risks related to martingale

You understood it well, the martingale can quickly lead you to bet sums always higher the ones than the others. With such a method, you can even go bankrupt if you cannot set yourself limits.

Bankroll management does not exist in martingale, since you increase your stakes exponentially. It is partly for this reason that it is totally discouraged and know more about  토토 .

It must be said that bad series also happen in sports betting. It is quite possible to chain 6 or even 7 or even 8 bets lost in a row! For example, your initial bet is € 20, your multiplier is 2 and you have just lost 7 consecutive bets. In this case, you will have to bet € 2,560 on your 8th bet !

This amount is insane but some “scammers” on the web will not hesitate for a second to make you believe that they are betting these amounts. But what if you still lose this 8th bet? You will have to double your bet again …

So, it is best to follow some tips to come if you ever want to try a martingale for your sports betting.

Our tips for playing a martingale

We should not expect miracles with martingale but it is possible to considerably limit the risks associated with such a method.

Set a budget limit not to be exceeded

To avoid losing too much money with the martingale, start by setting a budget limit that you will allocate to this method. For example, set yourself a limit of € 100. Once this sum of 100 € is reached or even exceeded, you stop the martingale.

You must apply this same principle for all the sports betting methods that you want to test. Thus, you will start to better manage your




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